Case Connect

How to File an Online Intake Inquiry (Instructional Video)


CaseConnect Overview

The Colorado Civil Rights Division has implemented a new online case filing and management system (CaseConnect) to allow for electronic submission of intake questionnaires. Please see Frequently Asked Questions further below.
Some of the current features of CaseConnect include:

1. Online filing of intake inquires. The days of handwriting a 20-page paper intake packet are over. Now, complainants can input their intake information regarding potential complaints into the online form, as well as attach documents. 

2. Online status for complainants. After completing their intake inquiry and submitting it to the Division for review, Complainants can log into CaseConnect to see the current status of their inquiry.

3. Jurisdictional screening. Several questions, depending on the type of case, are designed to alert the complainants upfront that the Division may not have jurisdiction over their complaint. For example, the Division may not have jurisdiction over discrimination claims by employees against federal employers.


CaseConnect: Frequently Asked Questions

What is CaseConnect? 

CaseConnect is the Colorado Civil Rights Division’s electronic case management system which allows for online submission of intake information.  The system will also allow for the complainant to check the status of their intake inquiry that was submitted to the Division.  The Division continues to build and expand this online system, and we hope to offer additional functionalities for complainants and respondents in the near future!

I don’t have access to a computer.  Can I still use CaseConnect?

CaseConnect is only accessible through a computer with an internet connection.  The Department of Regulatory Agencies, in which the Division is housed, has a Welcome Center located at 1560 Broadway, Ste. 110, Denver, CO 80202.  The Welcome Center has computer terminals that can be used by the public to access CaseConnect.  You may also utilize computers at your local library or community center.  If necessary, you may submit documents to the Division via email, fax, U.S. Mail, or in-person.

How do I access CaseConnect?

The link to access CaseConnect is located above, or file a new complaint here, or access an existing one here.
If you wish to see if the Colorado Civil Rights Division has jurisdiction over your complaint, the first step is completing an intake questionnaire related to the area in which you believe you are experiencing discrimination (employment, housing, and/or places of public accommodation). If the Division lacks jurisdiction, you will be notified after answering a few questions—but please note that the Division does not always know of jurisdictional issues at the forefront and may determine at a later point that it lacks jurisdiction pursuant to relevant statute or rule.

What are the best practices for attorneys submitting intake inquiries or formal complaints on behalf of clients via CaseConnect? 

Because CaseConnect creates a specific user profile that is tied to the registered email address, we recommend creating a CaseConnect account for an intake inquiry using the client/Complainant’s personal email address (and NOT registering using the attorney’s email address or a law firm email address).  This will require some coordination between the client and attorney as CaseConnect profile registration involves confirmation of the email address and the creation of a log-in password.

Alternative to using CaseConnect, a hard-copy or PDF of the completed intake inquiry may instead be submitted to the Division.  To obtain a hard-copy or PDF version of the Division’s intake inquiry packet applicable to your situation please use the links below, including intake inquiry packets which have been translated into Spanish.

Employment Intake Packet - English

Employment Intake Packet - en Español

Housing Intake Packet - English

Housing Intake Packet - en Español

Public Accommodation Intake Packet - English

Public Accommodation Intake Packet - en Español



Questions About Submitting An Intake Questionnaire to the Division

How do I know that my Intake Questionnaire or other documents have been accepted?

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email.  Before you have submitted your completed intake information (including all required fields) the Case Status will indicate “Unsubmitted.”  After you have submitted all completed information, the Case Status will indicate that “Intake Filed.”

I submitted an intake inquiry online…now what?

Upon submission of your completed intake information, Division staff will review the submission and, if needed, contact you with questions or requests for additional information. If the Division appears to lack jurisdiction over the allegations at issue, you will be notified accordingly.  If the Division appears to have jurisdiction over your claim, you will receive additional information from Division staff regarding the next steps in the process of formalizing and filing your complaint.  

I submitted an intake inquiry and/or other documents via CaseConnect.  Should I also mail them to the Division?

No.  The Division does not require paper documents and/or original signatures.  You will be informed if this becomes necessary.

How will I receive documentation and/or notices from CCRD?

Most notices and service letters including requests for information, rebuttal requests, and letters of determination are emailed to parties.  If a party does not have an email address and/or indicated that they do not have access to a computer, the notices or information will be mailed instead.  However, please be aware that mailing notices may result in a delay in case action notification.


Other questions related to CaseConnect

How do I provide feedback to the Division about CaseConnect?

We welcome your feedback about CaseConnect and request that you take the CaseConnect Civil Rights User Survey.  This Survey will only take a few minutes. Or, you may email the Division with your suggestions: dora_ccrd_support@state.co.us

What should I do if I experience technical difficulties while using CaseConnect?

Please contact the Division at dora_ccrd_support@state.co.us if you need assistance using CaseConnect. If the inability to submit an intake questionnaire via CaseConnect may jeopardize the Division’s jurisdiction over your claim (for example, you have little time remaining before the filing deadline), you may submit an intake questionnaire in-person, via fax, email, or U.S. mail. In this case, please visit the website to obtain an intake packet or call the Division at 303-894-2997 to request that an intake questionnaire be  sent to you. 

When did CaseConnect go live?

November 23, 2016